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AIHA Announces New 2018 Board Members

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The newly elected Board officers and directors will be inducted at the Annual Business Meeting at the 2018 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce EXP) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in May.

March 15, 2018 The American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA), 

announced the new members of its Board of Directors for 2018. The new Board members will be inducted at AIHA’s Annual Business Meeting on Wednesday, May 23, during the 2018 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce EXP) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
The new AIHA Board officers and directors are as follows:



J. Lindsay Cook, MSPH, CIH, CSP, FAIHA, was elected AIHA’s new vice president. He has been an AIHA member since 1979 and has worked with the Protective Clothing and Equipment Committee, Laboratory Health & Safety Committee, Indoor Environmental Quality Task Force and Finance Committee. In addition he is a past director and current treasurer of AIHA. Cook is the senior vice president of The EI Group Inc., an environmental health and safety (EHS) consulting firm located in Morrisville, North Carolina. Cook is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and currently lives in Durham, North Carolina.

Dina Siegel CIH CSP CBSP


Dina Siegel, CIH, CSP, CBSP, FAIHA, was elected secretary-elect. She has been a member of AIHA since 1983 and has served on many committees over the years, including the Fellows SIG, Biosafety and Environmental Microbiology Committee, 2015 and 2018 Strategic Direction Task Force and the Women in IH Committee. Siegel has over 30 years of experience in comprehensive industrial hygiene practice as a field industrial hygienist, a manager and an industrial hygiene program manager. She currently serves on the AIHA Board of Directors as a director. Siegel is a graduate of Colorado State University and the Colorado School of Mines; she resides in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Pamela Kostle, M.S.,CIH, FAIHA


Pamela Kostle, M.S., CIH, FAIHA, was elected as an AIHA director. Kostle has been a member of AIHA since 2000 and has served on several committees, including the Fellows SIG, Sampling and Laboratory Analysis Committee and Stewardship and Sustainability Committee. She currently works as the occupational health manager in the Environmental and Occupational Health unit of the University of Wisconsin Madison University Health Services, which serves employees, students and visitors. Kostle is a graduate of the University of Iowa and currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Michael Ochs MPA CIH CSP

Michael Ochs, MPA, CIH, CSP, was also elected as an AIHA director. He has been a member of AIHA since 2009. He has served on the Lab Health and Safety Committee and he is past chair of the Stewardship and Sustainability Committee. Ochs currently works as an environmental health and safety assistant director. He has more than 20 years of experience developing and managing both employees and programs to promote occupational health and safety within private, institutional, government and not-for-profit sectors. Ochs is a graduate of Illinois State University and Arizona State University and a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona.

“These new officers and directors offer a range of perspectives and professional experience and I am thrilled to welcome them in their new roles,” said Deborah Imel Nelson, Ph.D., CIH, president of the AIHA Board of Directors. “I look forward to working with them as we guide our association into the future.”


About AIHA®

Founded in 1939, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is the premier association of occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. AIHA’s 8,500 members play a crucial role on the front line of worker health and safety every day. Members represent a cross-section of industry, private business, labor, government and academia. More information is available at www.aiha.org.

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