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Land O’ Lakes Accelerates Its Ergonomics Process with the Humantech System

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Feb. 8th,  2018

Humantech, Inc. has announced that since Land O’Lakes implemented The Humantech System®, an all-in-one Software as a Service solution for managing workplace ergonomics in 2016, the company has trained nearly 1,000 employees, assessed 406 jobs, and identified 566 improvements across 300 of its North American plants.

The Humantech System combines online employee training, expert-led job improvement events, and online assessment tools. It put ergonomics on the radar of the Land O’Lakes’ management team with its executive summary report, and on the employees with its seven interactive e-Learning modules. “Providing consistent online ergonomics training to our employees at each plant in a reasonable amount of time is invaluable,” explains Dan Liddell, Land O’Lakes Corporate Safety Manager, Dairy Foods. If people are properly trained and know how to contribute to the solution, they are more engaged in the process.

After team members complete the online training, they work alongside a Humantech certified professional ergonomist on the shop floor assessing and improving jobs. The data that is entered into The Humantech System yields a report that categorizes jobs as either high, medium, or low risk. “This tool was used by plant management to address their planning for ergonomics capital,” explains Liddell.

With businesses in all 50 states and more than 50 countries, having a safe work environment is high on Land O’Lakes’ priority list. “Maintaining open communication and consistent processes in an organization with multiple divisions and facilities is the key to a successful safety program,” adds Liddell.

To read the full story, visit the Humantech blog.

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