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Virtual Security Badges Using Your Existing Mobile devices

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Replacing traditional hard badging the virutal security badge supports and access control for secure facilities. When personal use an encrypted ID badge they can be tracked  throughout a facility. The facility  manger can gain real-time insight into visitor’s activity, which can prevent incidents and fraud.

The flexible system helps managing your mobile workforce. The electronic ID badge is capable of reporting information and has a management platform for construction and engineering field crews, contractors, vendors and analysts.  Capbilities include mobile reporting, GPS tracking and seamless communication. This Security Badge has double verification capabilites which makes its harder to fake. The system only requires a smartphone to control access, no badge printers, checkpoints or scanners required. The virutal badge will record how long each person in on-site and when. The badge can be programed to be turned off and on as needed.  Work logs can be added along with photos of employees.  Alerts can be sent when credentials are out of date.

Virtual Badge, 561/855-4222, www.virtualbadge.com

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